I write entertaining philosophy and humor with a slightly maniacal twist…

FBG’s mission is to provoke the feeling of somebody reading your innermost thoughts, only while being not as entirely creepy…maybe…

Because I like taking advantage of free things, like a hooker trying to give away a STD filled body because she can’t find love and nobody is going to pay for it, I’m too lazy to use anything but the free WordPress site to host whatever I feel like throwing up.  Please click on the categories below to read these absolutely wonderful & heartfelt stories, thoughts, rantings, and incoherent ramblings (maybe without as much of the heartfelt parts).

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If you didn’t believe me, apparently I’m good enough to win a Liebster Award voted on by the public and some others as well. Okay, one person, shoot me for trying to spin the web the way I prefer. That is the nature of the Lieby’s though (and none of us shall ever refer to anything as Lieby from here on out due to the sheer cringing effect that