WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, LET ME INTRODUCE MY CHOICE FOR RANDOM For Better GENiUS POST OF THE WEEK YEAR (because let’s be honest, I haven’t updated anything in like 5+ years):

Click Here For Said Post: Patience Be Damned

Oops.  I’m giving more ado anyways.  Those of you who have a WordPress account are lucky and you may not have even realized it (I did because naturally luck is attracted to me… except for all of the times it needed a smoke break outside while I was to fend off certain peril and devious deeds by my lonesome).  However, those of you without this unprivileged membership don’t run off!  This page is actually just for you because you’re special and you deserve it (at least to the extent that the school systems and lawmakers want you to believe…. am I ranting already?  perhaps).

WordPress account holders can go to their account menu bar at the top of any window and next to the current viewed blog icon they can select Random Post to, well, get a random post from that particular blog site.  I wanted this for everyone because I care that much about the people (vote me for your next localized king or whatever comes up).

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