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Stove Top Cooking Weekend

Quick, it’s Friday/Saturday/Tuesday and your bachelor or bachelorette self needs to get out of the house for a drink, but haven’t eaten dinner or breakfast yet (some of you I know start earlier than others).  Now, normally I’m all against posting about food, but this isn’t about food.  This entry is about getting you out to the bar earlier; a public service announcement if I may say so myself.  And especially for the men out there, let me tell you that bitches love a man who can cook up a meal when needed.

from dailymail.co.uk


So let’s get right to it because there’s no time to waste… there’s actual people and a bar waiting for you!

1.  Open your pantry or cabinet and find the can of corn in the back that you actually forgot about until reading this.

2.  Dump that into a reasonably sized pot on the stove.  Chances are you’ll misjudge the capacity needed as I did.

3.  Next ingredient?  Costco Kirkland brand canned chicken breast.  A staple of kitchens that single and married alike can enjoy and is worth the membership fee alone.

FBG costco chicken

You don’t even know, do you? Seriously, welcome to the most dynamic greatness.

4.  By the way, make sure you don’t cut your finger on the now open lid of said canned chicken while you break up the breast chunks… it has… been known to happen.

5.  Dump in some odd amount of dry taco seasoning.  Does it really matter how much?

6.  Now, if you held firmly to a belief that all of the late night 2am Taco Bell runs after a night of drinking would pay off, you were right in your foresight, my friend.  Squeeze 5-10 Fire Sauce packets into the mix because getting the morning-after Taco Bell toilet treat can be achieved just as well without a visit to the munchie mecca.

5.  Cook until it bubbles; which among the sophisticated crowd is known as “boiling.”  It is more or less hot at this point.

6.  Eat quickly and get out that door!

When I’m not feeding bad advice to the people, I write good ideas like these articles that’ll open your mind to the world… or corrupt it… same difference.

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