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Sticks and Stones, Words and Greed

Alas, I cannot get through a single news day without reading an article about lawsuits and laws to re-inform me of society’s greed over the smallest of actions and overburdening political correctness. I also wonder how many times I’ve used “alas” in a post. It’s probably because I lock myself in a bathroom, stare at the mirror, and chant Shakespeare three times to summon the frilly playwright for personal vocabulary lessons. And to talk about wenches over tea.

Tom Hussey mirror to FBG shakespeare.jpg

Art thou good looking today?

Read: Phrase Mocking Asians on NY CVS Receipt as I try to tell a tale without my cultural bias. Meet Hyun Lee, a woman of Korean descent who wanted a simple day in NYC getting some photos developed at a nearby CVS, probably during her 6th trip to Starbucks because no self-respecting Manhattanite keeps their Blood Coffee-Content below 0.08%. Now either the photo-developing employee was extremely racist or had an unethical sense of humor, but he decided to

name the owner of the order Ching Chong Lee, which of course gets printed out on the receipt.

Rightfully angry over blatant stereotypical racism, she called and complained to CVS management and they said they would counsel and train the employee. Not agreeing with the semi-dismissing answer, Hyun demanded that the worker be fired. Okay. All fair there, as I would do that too … and as I begin to hope the story ends there without tipping off my rant-meter, of course the last few sentences declared that she’s opening up a federal discrimination suit against the pharmacy chain for $1 million.

You already can demand that the guy be fired, else you’ll open a lawsuit, sure. But that wasn’t enough? You were so offended that nothing short of a cool $1 million is what it would take to get your life back on track from this heinous crime of heritage discrimination of giving you an insulting stereotypical name? You’d better have had your spouse leave you over the fact you could no longer pay your rent due to too many days at work crying in the fetal position under your desk after being called Ching Chong before you go off and ask the courts for $1,000,000 from the company who had nothing to do with it. You already did your part in the fight against stereotypical racism by calling for him to be let go and the media picked up on it to spread the word. Leave it at that before the whispers of lawyers and dollar signs enter your mind.

Join FBG’s Common Sense Party today in the social fight against frivolous lawsuits against Nutella, bear-maulings due to residency choices, and other fits of P.C. over which we can argue for hours in FBG’s The Daily Rant.

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