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Sh*t I Say While I’m Sleeping – Dream 1

Or as it may also be labeled, “Sh*t My Girlfriend Gets To Laugh At While I’m Dreaming”.

Dead sleep.
Zombie Geoff is accidentally rustled by girlfriend rolling over in bed.
"We just gotta find a nephew that can block the missiles!"
And she starts laughing...
"Whatever, just replace the missiles with deer.  We gotta kill that deer!"
Resume dead sleep.

Work, families, and rampaging deer in one nice chaotic dream.

…Alas, I’ve been lazy for a blog site that’s reached it’s 2 year anniversary. Cry and eat ice cream between now and

the time it takes me to write the next new thing. Don’t stop. Just bite after bite of cookie dough ice cream from this moment until I write another dream post or you develop the first case of chronic debilitating brain-freeze. You’ll get famous for being saved by the miracles of modern medicine, but in the first press conference held to ask how to survived such an emotional ordeal, it’s your responsibility to claim FBG as the site that you just couldn’t let go. FBG will then be crawling with popular search results and trends of “overeating ice cream” and, just as it started, I’ll step away for a while… as more and more of the weird news followers fall into the same trap when this glorifying idea of endless, delicious ice cream shines like a beacon in their minds. The true meaning behind the Circle of Life in the Lion King. Simba just didn’t have access to ice cream.

For posts that have more merit towards improving your critical thinking (*previous statement may be a lie), read some more Random Ramblings.

  1. 2013/04/24 at 5:59 pm

    But I thought all nephews are good at blocking missiles?

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