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What To Say … Stream of Conscious Yet Again

Hmm…. three or so months after not writing a thing.  What to say… it’s about as awkward as seeing somebody in the hallway in your office that you generally acknowledge but have nothing more than a nod and a “Hey, good day, huh?”  Should we act like we’ve seen each other in the hall recently?  Like I’ve been an ass and faintly acknowledged every one who has shown any interest in my past writing.  I’ve checked into a few of my favorite old WordPress blogs over these past few months to see if … shit, distracted again.  Maybe it’s because I’ve lost a certain type of motivation to writing or maybe it’s because dinosaurs are roaming in my mind begging for a chewy, yummy bacon strip.  I’m not sure, but I do know that these Velociraptors keep eying me from across the bar and their unibrow can only keep me entertained for so long.

What have I been up to?  Saving the world, of course.   I mean, if I’ve previously named this site ‘For Better GENiUS’ you could only assume that I had some legitimate stake in providing to the world…. penises rule the world… wait… those weren’t my words.  This particular person staring over my shoulder named Journey decided that big ol’ dicks had to rule the world… and wow… sexist isn’t she?   Not even giving credit to her own kind.  Pigs.  I just snorted like a pig and I’ll admit it. Maybe it’s because I like bacon… I think I already said bacon once this post, maybe not, but who’s keeping track?  Not me.  I had some other idea there but as this is a stream of conscious post I cannot … I lost it… again.

Here’s an eye. Because Batman said it’d reduce crime, or something. I wasn’t really listening because that voice is tantalizing in it’s odd, deep way that makes you question whether or not he should be the one doing movie preview narrations.

When all else goes awry and you have no where else to turn, know that my pointless stream of conscious is here to keep you company.  And I forgot how laptop’s don’t automatically correct my spelling like the iPhone does.  That’s free advertising right there… anyway… read this stuff

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