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Smells Like Foreign Smells

In surely the most diabolical scheme of a artistic madman since the kid who put cherry bombs in the elementary school toilets back on that day that you remember that prank, somebody is now taking the time (and your money) to sell you canned air.

image courtesy of Yahoo! News

I should sell a patented paint can opener specially designed to open these air cans.

*#$(&#!  I opened the lid too far and let all of the $10 foreign air out.  Now coworkers are looking at me funny as I’m wildly sniffing everything around me to breathe in this precious gift before it blends in with our stagnant, boring work air.  I want to open my own brand of Movie Theaters From Around The Globe themed air cans where you’ll get that unmistakable popcorn-cooked-in-the-office-kitchen-microwave smell without the annoying hassle of kernel shells stuck between your teeth and gums.

Act quick to pre-order upcoming special releases of Canned AIR from the New York City Subway’s Green Line and the sure hit Canned AIR from Mexico City’s Cartel Meat-locker for those with a nose for rampant violence.

After getting your high from Canned AIR from the College Roommate’s Freshly Lit Joint Smoke That Enters The Hallway From The Gap Underneath Their Door, check out FBG’s Random Ramblings.

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