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Prequel To The April 16th True Dream Turned Reality

This is the five year anniversary of the VT 32.  This is a personal remark to be followed tomorrow (HERE)by the recounting of a dream that I wrote about one week earlier that I’ve been meaning to publish for years but never wanted to relive it.

As I shouldn’t even need to tell the history, on Monday April 16, 2007, a Virginia Tech student, Seung-Hui Cho, selfishly killed 32 other students and then himself.  He first shot two students dead in a residence hall, and two hours later chained the doors closed to the second floor of Norris Hall and proceeded to coldly murder the others.  I cannot express to you how shaky my fingers are in typing those last few sentences.  As I’m reviewing this, my facial expression has changed from a fun loving mood to a stagnant flat.  Nicole White was one of the many children taken too early had been working at my dining hall for a while.  Lauren McCain was another that I had just hired roughly a week before.  The last I knew, Michael Pohle, was due for a speech in my Public Speaking class the next day.  We all knew somebody.  My body involuntarily shakes every time I think of this day.

The following chapter somewhat disturbs me because I seriously wrote it six days before this horrific event.  This is the only chapter post that I have only edited for grammar and strictly no substance additions.  Even though I was unknowingly writing a similar idea to what would be the massacre, I don’t even honestly want to read my dictation of this dream ever again (EDIT: posted again here).  I know what I wrote that day and it is similar to dreams I may routinely have, but I’m still in a personal semi-avoidance of anything reminding me of the VT 32.

My prayers will always go out to all my fellow Hokies and their parents.

Candlelight vigil on the 1 year anniversary

  1. 2012/04/17 at 5:43 am

    Yesterday was a sad day for Hokies everywhere.

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