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Editing Binge

This is one of those obligatory posts that adored sites make from time to time giving a reason why there has been a week without any new entertainment for the eager-eyed kiddies (the 18+ grown-up type who will jump in the first van that is handing out candy regardless of the warnings given by their parents when they were younger).

This past week I have been focusing on completing the video editing of my second high quality movie powerhour; in this case dubbed “The Movie Powerhour Vol.2 – The Tough Two” (and previously “T.M.Ph.Vol.1 – One Man Down”).  If you didn’t know what a powerhour is, then, realistically, you should have already Google’d it by the time you finished reading that last sentence (and no, I didn’t provide you with any quick-links because that’s more work on my part and I’m tired as it is).  Each of these compilation videos takes me a long time to edit to perfection, about 5 hours a night, so I haven’t had the available creative time to dedicate to either making a new post or finding another chapter from my book to re-read, edit, and post.

I can’t leave you all with nothing though.  I can’t have a post that says nothing more than how I haven’t made any other posts recently.  AND I MISSED IT!  I wasn’t even aware that For Better GENiUS had reached it’s 1 year mark on Feb 17th.  Congratulations, me.  I’d like to give myself more than a pat on the back because that’s the minimalist approach of apathetic friends.  6,459 FBG site views within one year as of this sentence being documented in history (until the second Dark Ages come when the internet is erased… that’s probably what the next Dr. Evil is planning for world domination).  Obviously I’d like that site counter and follower number to grow exponentially, but we can’t all be interested in my precious ramblings (actually, you can be; don’t let me fool you).

For the moment, you need to take this opportunity to revisit where FBG all started before I became President led through my Common Sense Party.  Sorry.  Sometimes I get the future and past mixed up.  You’ll experience it soon enough; just give it time.

  1. 2012/03/05 at 1:06 am

    Happy Birthday FBG!

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