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Corn Chunks

From this post title, I feel a wave of images drifting across my eyes from a cereal brand that may a) make me throw up, b) make that floating brown with gold specs, c) really after that last one I made my brain stop trying to think.

Now that none of us are hungry in the slightest, have you ever had fresh corn cut off of the cob?  If you’ve never had corn on the cob in your own kitchen, then I guess it makes sense that you maybe haven’t had witnessed it being cut off.

For some people that might have trouble remembering this textural nature of cutting corn off it’s cob, here’s a visual image for you:

Courtesy of My Morning Chocolate

ooooo that's gonna be a gooooooood one *orgasm moaning sounds* *???????* *really?*

Hold the corn cob vertical on a plate or bowl or the floor if you prefer, then simply use a knife (it’s easier than bending it to your will) and cut straight down about 4 or 5 times all the way around the cob until all the precious kernels are off.

Now that you might be with me, you’ve noticed how not all the corn cuts off in individual kernels right?  See how some decided to stick to each other in little square or rectangular groups like parents that desperately are clinging to their children as Hitler demands the little ones be separated?  Wow, that’s a kind of messed up dinner situation.

Time to eat.  Doesn’t a spoon with a good sized square of corn (see picture above) taste better than a spoon full of just individual corn?  I know I’m not the only one… let me know.

Never thinking, but always good.

  1. 2012/02/23 at 9:53 am

    Original and just plain awesome!

  2. 2012/02/23 at 12:19 pm

    Haha. I imagine future generations won’t even know where corn kernels come from, other than a tin.

  3. red
    2012/02/23 at 2:05 pm

    I remember this from childhood. I think you’re right! Damn. Now I’m mad that I don’t freeze corn-off-the-cob anymore. Something about moving away from Iowa…

  4. 2012/02/27 at 6:21 pm

    I hate to eat corn like that when I had braces. It was a dark moment in my past.

    • 2012/02/27 at 6:21 pm

      I meant to say I “had” to eat corn like that then. I got so excited I didn’t even edit.

      • 2012/03/02 at 4:01 pm

        Ha ha! Corn is such an exciting subject… Indeed, I too am excited, and even bewildered! Yay!

        Bewildered? Geez. Why do I do this to myself. I swear… these silly comments are going to keep me out of the White House some day.

        What’s that you say? Silly comments don’t keep people out of the White House (keep forgetting to cap the t in “the”)? Sweet! 🙂

        Um… Hey FBG, I don’t know why I never thought to write on this very subject. Certainly it has not been from lack of enthusiasm and even inspiration.

        Perhaps it was persuasion that was lacking. Yes, that surely must be it. Persuasion.

        Or maybe I just needed a little more cowbell. Who doesn’t these days?

        Need more cowbell… that is?

  5. 2012/03/12 at 7:41 pm

    That is too funny. Corn is one of those things I’m really weird about. I love corn on the cob, when it’s in season. If you cut it off the cob, I like it less. If it’s in a can, get it the everliving hell away from me. Oh, and ham freaks me out.

    Lettuce Be Clear

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