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Taylor Swift’s Dark Secret

I saw an image today that shocked me back to my childhood.  To days where Jim Henson’s Muppet stylings took a child’s mind from colors and wonder to twisted and, truth be told, pretty damn evil.  I’m talking of course about The Dark Crystal.  On a side note, I still think that if you’ve made it past your fourth birthday, you should be watching it by now (ehhh just to put spike of horror in your developing mind).

So what was it today that flooded my mind and memories with death, sadness, and Skeksis? A still shot from Taylor Swift’s newest video.

Eerie? Thank you Captain Obvious. The nose, the mouth, the eyes staring off into wandering hope, and even the hair parted the same around her ear....

This is not Taylor Swift; this is Kira.  I know this is Kira.  I have seen what happens to Kira as she tries to help save the very world she knows (SPOILER ALERT!  She gets shanked in the chest).

CONSPIRACY THEORY ALERT!  If The Dark Crystal was released 7 years before Taylor Swift was born, maybe the movie wasn’t mere Hollywood entertainment, but a prophecy of what’s to come, and here is the living, breathing version of Kira in our world!


We’re leaving our fate in the soft hands of a young, psuedo-country singer.

For more ways to eat popcorn and enjoy watching our existence slowly fades to black, get into some more FBG’s Random Ramblings.

  1. 2012/02/17 at 6:40 pm


  2. 2012/02/17 at 11:55 pm

    okay, any post with Skeksies is a hit.

  3. 2012/02/18 at 1:35 am

    Cynicism101 just had a post about being traumatized by the Wizard of Oz. Now that I think of it, this movie left a mark on me too. It’s that scene of the sorta vulture things and one of them looses a battle against another and they all strip her down to nothing and beat the crap out of her. Does no one remember this stuff but me?

  4. 2012/02/19 at 11:46 am

    Hilarious! Your unique brand of humor is awesome to behold.

  5. TBT
    2012/02/26 at 9:01 pm

    Aww! lol I like Taylor Swift but there is no denying the resemblance!

  6. JP
    2013/06/05 at 10:32 pm

    All I know to say is, uh, DAMN!

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