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The Truth About Rebecca Black’s Friday

Rebecca Black has made it as an artist.  I have no clue what she previously did in her teenage life or what she tried to release after her song “Friday” gained instant internet meme fame surely spanning the globe by now, but she has accomplished a goal that all musical artists consistently strive for.

courtesy of timeinc.net

Your local band has nothing on this worldwide sensation (disclaimer: sensation may be a loose term).

This girl made a song assumingly with her no-talent friends, in comparison to the unlikely superstar herself (whose friends also didn’t have the courage to tell her, “No.”), on an issue she saw dear to the heart of every able-bodied American.  What to do on this fine, fine Friday?  There have been others that have previously discussed the intricacies, twists, turns, moral decisions of her lyrics, like which car seat shall be the most enjoyable, so my purpose today is to discuss her achievements.

As I mentioned before, there is one ideal that all musical artists hope to attain and that is that their song will get stuck in the listener’s mind whether it before for five minutes, years, or indefinitely (ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone).  I firmly believe that no one would purposefully create music if they didn’t think that at least one person on the face of the Earth would want their carefully crafted notes bouncing around through the neurons of the brain after the music has stopped.  In other words, no self-disrespecting artist would not want to hear their own tunes one more time, in the least to analyze what they did better or ear-bleedingly wrong (I love cluttering sentences with double negatives; it makes you pay more attention).

Miss Black has inadvertently created a monster of a catchy song that flat out refuses to be silenced from within your skull.  Personally, I have truly never sat through the entire song to hear it play out.  However, after initially seeing the first 30 seconds of the music video when the internet started the exponential curve of popularity growth and then hearing the chorus, “Friday, Friday, Gotta get down on Friday,” that was enough to understand it’s power.  If you hear that phrase repeated in a sing-song voice by any of your peers and have even the vaguest recollection of the song’s presence, you’re doomed to repeat it too.

It is in this repetition individual by individual that is proof of her pop-culture domination.  Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” has been studied by musical theorists and some sort of neurologists into how it became so catchy and that sneaky trick had to do with the constant repetition of a robotic-joint sound effect throughout the track.  I also could be pulling this claim astoundingly out of context from discussion regarding the metal sounds in Beyonce’s song and took it to be scientific; after I’ve told myself something enough times, I take it to be fact.  “Friday” was able to accomplish this unavoidable singalong repetition by the lyrical content alone.

mmmm yesssss. Wait. What was I talking about again? I got distracted by one of these two women referenced on this post.

The more people link her song (like this) the more power she gains.  Friday is an unstoppable force that must be… umm, stopped?  Yeah.  Stopped.  Grab your torches and pitchforks and get ready unruly mob hunt for all traces of this music where we can trap down in the old windmill and burn it before it gets to the childrens.  She’s feeding off of this fame and this power and confidence shall only grow with each share.  This isn’t the video link, I swear.  I wouldn’t give her more supremacy over us mortals by continuing to show the world her video, just like I wouldn’t show my friends the last remaining cursed VHS original copy of The Ring.

  1. 2012/01/13 at 9:43 am

    hahahhaha what I find to be humorous on a side-note is that WP decided to use the Beyonce picture in the Topics page instead of Black’s face hahaha. i’d make a joke about this, but i think it’s fairly selfexplanatory

    • 2012/01/13 at 10:55 am

      wordpress has got its priorities right.. they never link you with spam..

  2. 2012/01/13 at 11:48 am

    Black’s Friday is the latest Black Friday.

  3. eyeLaugh
    2012/01/14 at 6:15 pm

    Thank you for being a fan of ours! As a fellow George Carlin appreciator, you are one awesome guy with random but great ramblings. We award you with the Liebster Blog Award! Enjoy: http://wp.me/p1ZiiS-93

  4. 2012/01/16 at 7:16 pm

    Way to take one small step for mankind in the effort to stop this song from ever being heard again. I salute you sir. I read the entire post just to make sure that you in no way inadvertently (by use of back links or such cockadoodled foolery) supported any more views of this beyond horrible… umm…”song”.

  5. 2012/01/28 at 4:17 pm

    Rebecca Black?
    We need this hosebag like we need a another Kardashian!

  6. 2012/02/07 at 6:46 pm

    Great. Now I have that Raffi banana phone song stuck in my head. Thank you so much.

    Always look on the bright side of life. (whistling) Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it…

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