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Chapter 1: Being A Sequel

Thanks to my last relatively unreleased “book”, I’ve gained nothing besides a few hairs on my left forearm. In fact, I’m willing to bet that it helped your life as much as lollipops helped get rid of your fear of needles at the doctor’s office.However, since most of my first book was filled with quotes and stories of people I didn’t know, I’m not all that satisfied with it.

In light of this feeling, the chapters I was once proud of I’m actually adding them to this book… one more of those things I don’t need to tell you but I am anyway. Maybe this is why I am told to think before I speak… and why ignorance is bliss. I’ll even go so far as to tell you that I’m going to reference thinking before I speak or at least write it once more in the following pages. Writing like I talk and talking like I write.  Look at it as if you’ve got a new-found true superpower, only to be subsequently locked away for the rest of your life by the government trying to use you to see what the evil forces are planning. And yet again, I have absolutely no idea what I was/am trying to say, and that’s how it shall stay.

FUN FACT: “Mrrrr” (also heard as “Rarrrr” in the slightly more aggressive tense) is one of the more complex mystery sounds heard in the wild. The creatures making the noise may be signifying that they are bored, wanting attention, don’t know what to say, or are putting forth a frail attempt at a mating call. It could be a sound the creature makes to scare others like the lion and its roar, but most often the creature is simply extremely dimwitted and makes noises having no logical intention behind them.

I promise what lies ahead will be more pleasing to the eyes that the jumbled mess above.  If not, go suckerpunch a deer to get your frustration out.

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