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“The Goofy Book 3” Release Back On Schedule

I promised myself I wouldn’t jump up and down, giggling and screaming like a little school girl going to see her favorite vampire movie… Bram Stoker’s Dracula of course, so I will refrain from that level of excitement.

After nearly two full months, I finally have my primary laptop back on the grid and working to some degree, so as file recovery is in progress, I will resume my glorified progressive release of my “Goofy Book 3” to these fine interwebs who could generally care less, or care more but do not.  Here’s where we left off, The Goofy Book 3, basically right after the Introduction if my memory serves me correctly… which it often fails to do before I start confusing conversations between one girl and another while beginning to make claims that result in me not being a good listener or some other tragic downfall. Perhaps I’ll stop this rambling writing now that I so adore and let you get back to watching endless hours of television.

In other news, there was no other news and we stopped reporting the lack of newsworthy stories.

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