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Tricks Be Startin’ Drama

Ho’s be gettin’ rowdy downstairs yellin’ and shiit.
Bitch ass drama motha bangin’ on door.
Don’t let him in,
He’ll start shiit again!
Trick ’bout to get slapped!
Baby screamin’ in the back.
True life apartment trash poetry.
Hello again, Newport News.

Hahahhaa this grandiose poem of mine still makes me crack up when the routine drama downstairs unfolds.  All the other apartment buildings are nice looking nearby, save these two sets of apts below mine.  Lucky, fucking, me… but at least it’s entertainment!  Some people would think this is sad too.  I need to stop writing this right now because this is way out of line of my usual content and cannot further disappoint the masses like I’m potentially accomplishing with every single word I continue to type.  The end.

Or is it?

It is.

  1. princessvonvoodoo
    2011/11/29 at 5:41 am

    Oh come on, you know I heard the ship yards around there are pretty nice…..ok, maybe I didn’t hear that…

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