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Widow Sues Over Grizzly Mauling – the retort

Last year, a 70yr old husband got mauled by bear while hiking on a trail seven miles outside of Yellowstone National Park.  His widowed wife has now opened a lawsuit against the Federal Government for $5,000,000 because the researchers didn’t provided enough warning to the nearby cabin owners of trappings to tag, collar, and release the bears in the local area.

CREDIT SOURCE: teamsuperforest.org

Somehow I don't think this is how the encounter would go

…ahem, are you ready for a common sense rant?  Cause I feel a heated argument coming….

Bitch, you know damn well where you and your late husband lived.  Furthermore, he knew damn well that he was walking along, singing a song down a hiking trail that maybe, just maybe, will have local wildlife.  Even though bears may look cuddly and you really want to scratch their tummy, it’s probably for the best to fail your arms as you run away screaming rather than crossing your fingers hoping that Mr. Grizzly over there will stop licking his lips soon.  Now this man was 70 and I have no indication if his agility has been reduced down to a walker, but in all reality, sometimes not-so-pleasant things happen out in the wood (just watch Deliverance if you want more extreme examples).

I can understand that his lady he left behind is devastated, but under what morale code do you think you deserve five million for the loss of your husband?  I always thought that you can’t put a price on life, yet everyone this day and age is doing just that as if money is the band-aid for your heart.

Did these government researchers, who were tracking the bear, go and maul your husband?  No, so you have no case.  A bear is a bear and he does what a bear does… eats tasty things and is territorial.  There are far less bears in existence than there are people, so I think that, from Mother Nature’s point-of-view, we can afford to lose one or two of us greedy man-apes.

What if the “proper” warning signs about bear trappings weren’t posted long enough?  I can only assume they read something like, “Guess what guys!  Bears roam free around here and sometimes drink too much hard booze at the bar and want to fight!”  No matter the sign content or length of notice, this lawsuit is nothing more than a classic example of, “Here’s a warning label tell people not to drink bleach because, Aha!, you may die.”

CREDIT SOURCE: bikininerd.typepad.com

If you saw this every day, would it stop you from your morning walk tomorrow? The correct answer is no.

I have every personal right to be angry.  Want to know a fun fact?  You do too.  This is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that this grieving, yet greedy woman is suing.  Next April you’ll wonder why taxes are going up yet again?  It’s partially because of people like this.  If she wins even a percentage of the $5,000,000 from our nation’s pockets, where do you think that money comes from?  You and I and the paychecks that we live off of week to week while this woman, only thinking of herself, gets what she isn’t rightfully entitled too, contrary to her logic.  That is the definition of selfish, ladies and gentlemen.

You need to look after yourself sometimes; it’s not everybody else’s responsibility to look after you.

The best part is, conveniently, the very last line of this article:
“Neal said in June 2010 that Evert had called him one week before the mauling to ask about a sign posted in the area warning about bear-trapping activities, and that Evert was “absolutely aware” of the risks of hiking in the area.”

  1. 2011/11/29 at 1:36 am

    “Money is the band-aid for your heart.” There is definitely a song title there!

    • 2011/11/29 at 2:31 am

      shit, I’m writing musical masterpieces without even knowing it hahaha. interestingly enough, I normally spend more time writing meaningful song titles more than the songs themselves. it’s like being impatiently counterproductive or something

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