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Drive-by Deer Hunting

Straight to the point:

What about a new form of seasonal hunting where a majestic 12-point buck is placed inside a caged, somewhat rocky field with pockets of trees scattered about the land.  Don’t worry, it gets more interesting than that because we’re not going to allow guns.

The object of this sport is for hunters to drive around at night in their own Jeeps with the headlights shining to their full, bright potential and the only acceptable method for these deer to be taken out is by vehicular collision.

I imagine that soon I’ll hear the instant backlash of PETA and other animal fairness support groups that would have the potential to somehow sue me to which they can collect a reward that they’re not entitled to, so I’d better go ahead and explain it instead of writing these filler words designed in such a way that only take up space.  This form of literal drive-by hunting is more fair to the deer because there’s a chance the hunters will impale themselves and their muddy 4x4s against a tree in their thirst for a juicy deer burger, and therefore this sport just increased it’s public entertainment level tenfold.

All cruetly aside, somebody is going to kill a deer regardless; might as well make it more interesting than sitting up in a tree for three days pretending like you belong as a creature of the wood.

CREDIT: the Wrangler forums

Just wait until it's their turn to drive...

  1. 2011/11/04 at 8:38 am

    Bahaha, this is genius! Except I would have to drive a monster truck…just to make sure. Aaaannnd it would have to be only papa deer since I have a soft spot for fawns. 😉

  2. 2011/12/08 at 8:24 am

    I have a much better idea. Same set up, same rocky field, same trees (made of reinforced steel), same rednecks, same redneck jeeps. No buck!

  3. 2011/12/08 at 8:46 am

    we could easily sell tickets to that for spectators

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