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The Anti-Mechanical/Electrical Midas Touch

This past weekend I met an old witch in the woods who bestowed a curse upon my body that any mechanical and/or electrical piece of equipment I touch will have a 50% chance a failing.  She didn’t even have a reason to curse me, that bitch.  I can’t be blamed for attempting to ignite her quaint little cottage made of graham crackers, candy, marshmallows and chocolate; I just wanted to be the first to take a bite from the world’s largest S’more.

Anyway, so here I am, now stuck with a less-than-fortunate Midas Touch.  All I wanted to do after escaping the reach of the wart-faced old woman was watch the game replay of my Virginia Tech beating Miami and post the next chapter of The Goofy Book3.  Retrospectively, I now realize that she was probably more upset that my car could get away faster than her broomstick could fly (as I yelled out the window “Suck on it, Toad Licker!”), hence the unique curse.

Curse be damned, my laptop was the first to get on with it’s bad self and break it’s AC power connection with no hope of powering it or charging the battery.  I managed my way through the night by successfully resisting all angered-male urges to hurl the laptop against the wall in glorious fashion, only to next wake up in the morning to my cell phone locking up as it is wailing its alarm clock melody.  Cell phone did get thrown against the wall in a Monday morning grumpy rage effort to triumphantly dislodge the battery as the only method of shutting off the alarm.

As soon as I can repair my laptop, or at least get my Book off of the harddrive, I’ll resume posting chapters.  This is the end of the fantasy tale.

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