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The Goofy Book 3: Title & Introduction

The chaos will never end.  I originally didn’t plan on writing/compiling a second “book,” but since you’re reading this obviously I have.  As you loyal subjects (not like laboratory test subjects, but more like…um…moving on) can already tell my writing style hasn’t changed, so expect me once again to be writing my thoughts in a combination of past and present time.  I write like I talk and I talk without thinking.  It’s a new literary style that I perceive won’t catch on maybe until we go back to living in caves and wearing saber-tooth tiger skin loincloths.  Furthermore, the majority of readers have no clue that my first “book” existed, and in a sense neither did I; kind of, but not quite.

So this is The Goofy Book 3; unless it miraculously gets popular and I change the title to something catchy and mildly meaningful.  What I didn’t explain in The Goofy Book 2 was that there was never a #1.  I could have changed it to a 1, but like most decisions in my life I simply ignored it and I think it worked out for the better (because now there is this horribly uninteresting story to tell).  In fact, I probably just ruined everything I found funny in the title itself with that explanation, but it’s too late now.  The words have been written, your wife may have left you, those sores around your junk won’t seem to go away, and it’s time to move on.

My motivation to start writing this new book in 2006 came about like the first one while chatting with another hot lady, Sinny; unfortunately online and not even remotely racy:

Sinny (10:11:21 AM): hola
Geoff (10:11:30 AM)*: allo
    *This is one of those rare days when I’m voluntarily awake before noon
    and only mildly grumpy.
Sinny (10:11:30 AM): start entertaining me
Geoff (10:11:33 AM): ummm
Geoff (10:14:09 AM): There was this guy who got the boat of his dreams, and
  set out to sail around the world.  However, midway through his voyage he
  suddenly stopped because he knew that something wasn't right.  There was this
  wrenching gut feeling deep inside him and he knew that something was terribly
  wrong back home.  He landed in the nearest country, sold his boat, and bought
  a plane ticket to fly home.  He ran up to his house as his heart was beating
  faster and faster with anticipation, flung open the front door, and just as
  he thought, something was not right indeed.  His milk had expired.
Sinny (10:15:00 AM): lol
Sinny (10:15:05 AM): did you just write that?
Geoff (10:15:08 AM): yep
Geoff (10:15:10 AM): that instant
Sinny (10:15:12 AM): wow you’re amazing
Geoff  (10:16:14 AM): yah I’m aware… and this is pretty much exactly how my
first "book" idea was started...

Everything written on the following pages is as much an auto-biography as it is an attempt to delve into the all thoughts and decisions found in everyday life.

I’m a self-proclaimed optimist shrouded by realistic, rational critique and it can be seen through my sarcastic wit (or lack thereof).  Enjoy (?)

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