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The Book

I’ve begun most posts citing some fact that I’m lazy and often uncreative when it comes to writing new ideas. It’s either because I’ve experienced nothing particularly interesting recently or have the year-round common cold of writers block.  I might as well continue my expected trend by making more whiny statements about how I only write when I’m inspired by something vaguely original (or when some common sense new story angers me) and how Hollywood should employ this strategy so that we don’t get stuck with Rocky 13 or Toy Story 4 when all imagination creating toys are replaced by video games (as is now the case).

I’ve decided to finally begin releasing routine installments of (for the lack of a better name) The Goofy Book 3 in the order that I have it currently arranged.  I’ve had a category on FBG that’s been a source of new material for my so-called “book”  as well as previously written entries that I wanted to release on here as teasers.  As I am fairly lethargic when it comes to my drive for self-promotion, I might never be able to make my fake “book” release that I wanted to in 2011 because I never felt like I had enough solid material.  It is what it is.  In my currently formatted document I have, at minimum, 230 potential pages of writing compiled since I started The Goofy Book 3 in 2006.  That’s an extraordinarily long time for my style of writing without consistently growing in volume to what I would deem a proper book size.

As previously stated, in case you’re drunk and forgot (…same goes for me), I will soon be posting chapter by chapter of my work.  This site has had a few major hits (for my publicity of another one of the millions of weblogs, a few really good days) but overall attention is low.  I’ve been told that for posting at random every few weeks that I should be happy with the site traffic I’ve had since starting in March or February (hell I don’t know when it was this year), but I’m not, and that’s what keeps me going.  I will openly tell you that my New Years Resolution for 2011 was to “make a name for myself” in whatever form I deemed fitting.  I still have a lot to learn about how to sell this blog, if you will.  How to maintain a flow of traffic, get more hits from search engines, and reap the benefits of a social networking community (which I feel like I could use some major help on understanding how Reddit and other sites truly work to spread links).

With this being said, I hope that you’ve stuck with me so far.  That you’ve enjoyed spending a few minutes of your life reading what I intend to be a unique frame of reference and a unique delivery.  If you don’t think so, comment and speak your bluntly honest thoughts.  I won’t stray too far from my typical style of writing.  I’ve provided a space where I can expand on my personal thoughts while hopefully pulling somebody else in to share through curiosity and a thirst for original humor.

Thanks for keeping me around…. get ready for the book…..

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