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How can one slow down that which is moving at a crawl?

Limited activity.  A steady beep along the line,

While being fine has endless possibilities;

A personal mystery to each.

Stretch.  Relax.  Rebuild.

Question the walls once broken,

There is mortar available to patch.

Pick the foundational pieces from the ground,

But resist the feeling being overzealous about the fix.

How can everything slow down without moving fast?

No speed.  A new constant, routine, and consistent.

Do you now see everything moving in waves?

Look closely. Closing eyes. Wider awake.

Butterflies aren’t what you think.

Mad as a hatter.  There’s anxiety complete.

A line against the norm, here and there between

The opposite’s responses are not a choice beneath.

Not an outcome you can outright select,

Welcome the opportunity;

See where it leads.

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