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Thursday Night Movie Night – Kind Of

Today is Thursday.

Calendars must be set according to my rules. If I no longer prefer a particular day, such as any Tuesday that confronts my weekly progress, the day as a whole should be ignored so we can move on. From here on out, Thursday will remain Thursday, yet in due time it will suggestively make previous Thursdays inferior.

Of course, this theory of inferior Thursdays doesn’t hold true for those individuals who see their daily life as a series of exponentially decaying sources of wealth, love, and joy. For these exuberant neighbors, last Thursday will have always been better. It would have been a time where everything was going their way, and there they’ll remain living in past memories. Well, we’re not going to include this group in our scatter plot of Thursday greatness because we don’t need any outliers messing up our statistics (just when they thought they may finally have been a part of something, POOF!, it’s taken away like all of their other hopes and dreams).

This day in fact... in case you were not aware

Thursday will only not be Thursday, but it may become the recurring weekday that I force myself to write something new without regard or care to how much it may waste everyone’s time reading. Chances are it won’t even be funny. In fact, I may guarantee that each time a new FBG Thursday-specific post is linked in your email and news feed, you’ll look at it with tempting dread. Tempting because it’s on the interwebs, and humorous things are intermittently found on these interwebs. Dread because you’ll know that these Thursday posts will most likely contain a completely moronic and farfetched (like the Pokemon?) plot for a low-budget movie that will luckily, by the grace of God, never be developed.

This is unless by next Thursday I can’t think of any pointless improvisational film theme idea. All in all, while waiting for my next great discussion topic on the path For Better GENiUS I need to be consistently getting something out to the public to keep the site flickering with the activity rate of dead guy.  I used to hold a “Thursday Night Movie Night” at my apartment in the grand ol’ days (…going back to the inferior theory?  hmmm), so for at least this week, welcome to a non-existent cinema screening presenting:

Silent Sleep, never coming to a theater near you…
Randal’s work was mind-numbering, tedious, drearily boring and all things redundant in nature.
His supervisor was looking to replace his staff with lively, bouncy little fuckers right out of college.
He had a plan; begin routinely pumping vaporized tranquilizers into Randal’s office vents to catch him sleeping on the job.
Randal was soon let go and his stereotypically unhappy wife left him for a rich flirt she found in Vegas.
His life had unexpectedly turned into a depressing slum…
That is until he met an unemployed Mime on the street corner offering silent BJs for liquor money
They soon became best friends and realize they have a knack at stock trading.
The two go on to break Wall Street with the silent treatment.
Then right when everything was finally looking up an earthquake destroyed their 5th floor apartment condo during the night.
Dusting off his white striped shirt he wanted to yell out to his friend Randal but couldn’t…tragedy? (speak no evil?)
Randal was found impaled by a blind man’s walking cane…irony? (see no evil?)
To ease Randal’s pain, the Mime gives him one last tranquilizer.
It’s how he started this new life, and it’s how he’ll end it.

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