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The Closely Guarded Secret

Who knew that For Better GENiUS would have been as popular as it is?  Who knew that in six short months FBG would have gained over 2000 views for its writing while originally avoiding any illustrations to please the attention-less minds?  Who knew that I couldn’t create another entirely sarcastic, “Who knew…” sentence?  I DID.  I hope you never doubted otherwise. 

And today I am here to pass on what could easily be million-dollar advice.  Or should be million-dollar advice.  Or, in the worst case, should at least gain me a few more greedy page hits.


  1. Obtain a buzz from your liquor stash or the sacred beer drawer in your fridge          (both highly regarded as the origin of your “comfort zone”)
  2. Drink a little more than you originally intended          (the usual case of only finding out you were buzzed once you’re past that point)
  3. Stay up until at least 3am          (3am-5am are the magic hours… at least for night owls)
  4. Start furiously typing away while ignoring the loud calling of the bathroom          (there is a direct relationship between the more you squirm and the quality of your words, similar in many ways to my present situation)
  5. Pass out          (desk, bed, floor, or someone else’s floor… whichever is more quickly accessible)
  6. Wake up to find you’ve created an entertaining, vocabulary endowed, and surprisingly well written piece of literary art          (potentially mixed with a drunken poop joke here or there)
  1. 2011/08/16 at 7:26 pm

    Ha I like it, very helpful, and I plan on using this to fuel many rants in the future.

  1. 2011/08/14 at 6:14 pm

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