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How I Brought Back The Slip’n’Slide (w/ Videos)

This is the progression of the throwback slip’n’slide here in Blacksburg in a half video blog form.  Enjoy my egotistical views.

It was around this time in 2010 that I decided I wanted a glorious slip’n’slide at our semesterly D2 (work) parties.  However, due to the well known fact that Blacksburg weather is not only unpredictable and how it has snowed in April every year I’ve been here (that’s count’em 7), well it was too cold that year for my plan be carried out at night.  Although, earlier that day (according to the supposedly correct file dates on my computer) when it was at least a reasonable temperature, we set up the first slide test into Joey’s pond.  It was overall a rather uneventful day (as seen in this extraordinarily boring un-slip’n’slide-like-behavior video), but the start of greatness nonetheless.


Inspired and mildly deranged, a month later I cut up the wide plastic into two strips so I could either have one long slide, or better yet, two slides on a collision course into each other.  The second round experiment took place on Memorial Day 2010 (that’s at the end of May for all of you at a loss for holiday dates and you others that are simply waiting to blow up some fireworks a few days later on the 4th of July), and the following videos give testament to the slip’n’slide possibilities and injuries.

MEMORIAL DAY PART 1 – everyone at once:

MEMORIAL DAY PART 2 – the collision:

MEMORIAL DAY PART 3 – the beer toast:

Fast forward nearly a year, and here we are in Spring 2011.  It was the time for the D2 Party again and this time my slip’n’slide was unarguably going to take place.  Unfortunately, nobody managed to document any pictures or videos from this night where I set the two strips up for a 50ft slide, but it was a night to be remembered.  Now amped up on the thrill, I kept bringing up the slip’n’slide in conversation every chance I got the next day and later that evening we gained a new addition to the madness: the VT Wakeboarding Club’s gas-powered 20mph  winch.  The round three experiment was fun, but the best was yet to come.

Later that week more friends bought additional sheets of plastic and we combined them all with a skate ramp, the infamous winch, inner-tubes [optional], and a kiddie pool.  We all left with uncountable scratches and bruises across our bodies, but with that sense of conquering pride (…okay, this is starting to get kind of cheesy sounding to me and I need to stop).  I’ll let the available videos explain themselves.

VT Spring 2011 Round 3 – Pedro’s first winch test of the day

VT Spring 2011 Round 3 – Brad winch & tube to ramp over me

VT Spring 2011 Round 3 – Kevin winch & slide through the kiddie pool

VT Spring 2011 Round 3 – Nick winch & running to slide… and cracking the ramp as hit it sideways

VT Spring 2011 Round 3 – Phil, Brad, & Milky attempting to run up the slide with a sabotage from me

VT Spring 2011 Round 3 – THE BEST PAINFUL LOOKING OF THEM ALL – myself trying to readjust hitting the ramp w winch by turning over onto chest

I’m going to try not to take all of the credit of bringing back this idea to Blacksburg (wait, yes I am haha), but now there’s slip’n’slide parties popping up all over town and as jealous as I may openly be, hell I’m proud it’s spreading again.

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