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Can I Have An “Irish Gig” Please?

In an effort to spread the deliciousness that has made numerous passing takes at my lips (it’s not a girl… if I spread her around town I’d either be the best pimp to grace the 540 or it’d be spreading some embarrassing acute herpes complex, but luckily we’ll never have to worry ourselves with that) I will let you in on one of the best drinks I have ever created AND come across: “The Irish Gig.”

This drink single-handedly made my St. Patrick’s Day end rather disappointingly early, and there’s some of you reading this by email subscription that could be attempting to cover your eyes with fingers in your ear in a “la la la I didn’t read/hear” anything manner but I hope that your adventurous self will try this out at home soon.

*The Irish Gig* (reported in easy layman’s [not layperson’s] terms)
2 shots Cruzan Light Rum
2 shots Carolans Irish Cream
1 shot Green Crème de Menthe
1 shot Milk / Half&Half

One of the smoothest and best tasting (and for you rogue types, “get you f-ed up”) drink. In fact, I think my night tonight may result in me convincing the bartenders I know in Blacksburg to put this new drink up on their advertising boards. However, always unfortunately due to strict VA law (and possibly other states as well) there is an alleged legal limit to how many shots can go into an alcoholic beverage at which point this blend may need to become a dumbed-down shooter so it can remain a fractional level of all ingredients. Try it out this weekend and let me know those obviously positive comments.

By the way, this post is by no means meant to be a replacement to my story/rant/news/other type of blog posts… I have been disheartened recently by no new ideas coming to mind, but I will have at least one new entertaining post before the end of my (Van Willder – golf cart) 7 year college reign in the coming week.

EDIT: In the past 24 hrs of this post coming out and after a round at the bar, I decided to change the name to an Irish Gig instead of an Irish G.  I also got some reactions at the bar as either assuming it’s like a Girl Scout Cookie (that has kahlua not rum), and the fact that again the legal limit only allows around 2 shots per cup soooo they end up putting a lot of ice and half&half in it…. still overall tastes good, however the power is a tad lacking.  So what do we do to fix this situation kiddies?  Just make the good version at home.

  1. 2011/05/05 at 1:23 am

    got a few people to order it tonight too…yet unfortunately like I said VA only is allowed so many shots, so it ends up like a different take on a “Girl Scout Cookie” mixed drink. ugh.

  2. 2011/06/06 at 8:43 pm

    update: in Atlantic City the casino waitresses were very curious about my drink request and they asked me what it was called so they could spread it around. I was proud haha

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