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“Do you still enjoy the rain?” I asked in a vague hope that somebody still does. Maybe then they can tell me why it has and always will feel peaceful even when I’ve lost that familiar feeling. I can stand outside in a storm and get soaked (like I proudly did) and I’ll still love the feeling but I’ll gain nothing from it… no inspiration that used to surge. It used to bring deep thought, deep meaning, something I could dream about in my sleep whatever be the occasion. The ground may be full of water, the bench dripping, and the clothes drenched but you’ll know where you can find me; join me whenever the rain may come.

–in answer to my message, “Because it’s refreshing, bringing new life, washing away death, cleansing; and inspiration ebbs and flows like everything else, carves a new stream everyday, where a pocket may be formed on this bank will one day be washed away in the current”–Trevor, my brother. I couldn’t ever take credit for anything he’s written haha.

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