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Your Overprotecting Political Correctness

As some of you may have heard, a few mornings ago I woke up with all intent to get ready and be at work in thirty minutes (this is more of a daily failed wish), but this unusual morning took a turn when I stumbled upon a link explaining how so many clowns are able to fit into those tiny VW Beetles. Still groggy-eyed, I sleepily read through this informative discussion without ever fully understanding how all of those clowns fit so close together especially with their two foot long red shoes–maybe they folded them up or something; I’ll never know until I attend clown college and work my way up from kindergarten parties to the dying traveling circus.

Then halfway down into this education endeavor on clown compacting cubic feet one word jolted my mind away in an unexpected rage. They used the phrase, “In layperson’s terms,” and immediately I had a gut feeling that this wasn’t some innocent misunderstanding of the proper phrase, “In layman’s term.” I knew that this term had to be the newest victim of overprotective language and irrationally scrutinized equality, and a few quick Google searches confirmed.   Turning “layman” into “layperson” is another trivial pursuit to achieve wholesome political correctness; in this case avoiding any potential secret under-meanings of sexism. Little word changes such as these irk me as you can tell.

Layperson has no flow to it and should never have been created to appease whoever was complaining about layman being sexist. Unless I’m unaware of an adopted new word for our denomination as human, I’d like to point out the obvious how human is a direct example of how the word “man” is meant to encompass us all and there is no counter argument you can possibly make. I believe we have better things to be accomplishing than those specially self-entitled individuals in our population who get bent out of shape over a three letter suffix and must fight for these words to be changed. Some things may be incorrect and highly inappropriate to say, but “layman” is just one of many examples of political correctness gone wrong.

As a male I may not be able to convince these radical P.C. enforcers on this subject as I must not understand what it’s like to be in a fight for “equality” on all planes. Therefore, I’d like to pass along the reaction of a sane, learned, wise, and highly trusted woman whose opinions make enough common sense to sway most doubters:

“Yeah, I think these type of political correctness terms are ridiculous and a waste of time.  Let’s think about it, woMAN or woMEN.  Are we going to change that to woPERSON?!  In a room full of ‘mixed’ people, I’ll call us ‘guys’ which does anger some–I think, get over it.  I’m not offended by it nor am I offended if someone calls me a ‘girl’ or ‘lady’ which apparently irritates many women.  Clearly they’re not confident on who they are and what they can do or they wouldn’t be whining and giving ‘women’ in general a bad name in business.”

Thank you.  The end.

  1. Ron
    2011/04/21 at 12:36 am

    I am all for being polite, but this article is good example of how PC in general has altered the way we communicate with each other. How can we ever hope to find viable solutions to the problems that exist in this world if we are too afraid to voice our opinions because someone may be offended by them?

    Its really quite simple, people, no matter what you say or do, someone is going to be offended by it. Unless you are being down right rude, speak you mind how you see fit and the person who becomes offended by it can – as the lady said – get over it.

  2. kay
    2011/06/02 at 6:17 pm

    Despite what you think, language plays a huge roll in determining peoples’ world views. It is very powerful. I’m not one who thinks all words like this should be changed, but for someone to say “Clearly they’re not confident on who they are and what they can do or they wouldn’t be whining and giving ‘women’ in general a bad name in business.” is a liiiiiiittle bit offensive. Living in Honduras has really taught me how hard it can be to not be a white male. Love ya Geoff, but try to be a lady and thennnn post this. 🙂

  3. 2012/01/05 at 7:49 pm

    Eventually we won’t be humans…we’ll be hu-persons.

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