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Light Rain

July 29th, 2009

[This is a retelling of a late night story from a couple years ago. I found it and I put it back up… even if I can’t fully say I know what I had in mind at the time. A lot of personally significant events have come and gone since then, but this is still a moment in time nonetheless…. and I’m not sure if it was supposed to rhyme or not; sometimes we do things without focusing on a particular reason]

I can feel the dew gathering on the grass beneath my bare feet
But it was a series of feelings that led me to this event

It began with an early morning bike ride
And by early morning, I mean late night
When you reach the deepest part of your dream
When no birds are chirping
When the street lamps are at their most defining intensity
And when there are no cars to be seen or heard
The most perfect moment

But tonight the moon and stars are tucked away behind the clouds
These clouds releasing the faintest drops of water
And even as they lightly land on my face
It is peaceful
And even while momentum grabs hold
Rolling faster and faster down the hill
The steadily increasing whir of the tires
Along with the wind
It’ll bring you that piece
A peace not felt in quite some time
In a place vaguely resembling home
The gentle breeze
The cool, damp air
And with the wavering hum of air conditioning units
Keeping everyone comfy in bed
You can close your eyes and feel the beach
Listen close and imagine
Let the slow, faint beginning of Morrison’s Ghost Song
Be the only sound resonating in your mind

But while I record a bliss long missed
Rain drops from these clouds
Are resting on on my paper and on my bare back
The bowl of rice now consumed
Knowing it’s time to retire
And though I’d love to lie here all night
I trust this night will stay with me for one more

an Aqueous Transmission

If you must live without a purpose, make the most out of every day.

If you must live with a purpose, make the most out of what you want in life.

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